Star Sailors - Earthlings

Star Sailors - Earthlings

The first book in the series, Earthlings started development in 2017. The current repositories that work on Earthlings are located at Liam’s Gitlab.

The Book

The book is split into 10 parts - a prologue, 8 chapters, and an epilogue.

The Game

The game will be a 3D game like Starbound, starting off with following the plot of Star Sailors, and then the player forging his own path.

  • The development of the first Star Sailors game, a single-player game with a unique co-op function, is located at The UnityBalls Repo

Unity Balls

  • Repo is located at Github/IrisDroidology/Unityballs & Github/Acord-Robotics/Unityballs

Game Occupations

  • Infiniraid player
  • Scientist
  • Doctor

Infiniraid players can have other occupations. To start with it will be a story-line base gameplay.

I’m learning about Unity game development with this tutorial:

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